A black museum for "The White City of the North": Moreau Kusunoki Architectes selected to design Guggenheim Helsinki

23 June of 2015 by

One year and 1,715 entries later, the Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition has selected Paris-based Moreau Kusunoki Architectes as the grand-prize winners today for their design, “Art in the City”. In recent years, the Foundation’s plans for building a new Guggenheim in Helsinki prompted lively debate among local residents and architects worldwide alike, including the launch of the Next Helsinki counter-competition that wondered whether Helsinki even needs a Guggenheim Museum.But just like the whirlwind of discussions around the project, the competition itself is just as memorable: Stage One reeled in an astounding 1,715 anonymously submitted entries from around the world last fall, attracting a variety of designs ranging from the safer-yet-promising to the bolder-but-downright wacky. By the start of Stage Two this past January, only six teams – whose team names remained unidentified – made the cut. Over the following months, each finalist team received additional briefing to deve…



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