An Interview With Chen Yifeng, Deshaus

06 May of 2015 by

“We use two aspects to express architecture: Qing [emotion], Jing [pattern]. Jing is the architectural pattern that we apply, to certify the living and working style, to consider what our architecture can bring. Another thing is the relationship between architecture and the site, the city and nature. Ancient Chinese dwellings are usually enclosed by walls, creating an introverted space. This is the second aspect Qing, more related to traditional customs, aesthetics, and our attitude towards the environment and nature. The enclosed space originates from our interpretation of Qing. What we have captured about the ancient spirit of aesthetics is a kind of uncertainty, a kind of blurry and ambiguous feeling.”
– Chen Yifeng, Shanghai, 2013

PAR: You explore the ancient idea of space, the relationship with the surroundings, the creation of enclosures – why is it important to follow this path? Or to put it another



expo milan 2015: inside the hive with wolfgang buttress at the UK pavilion



Ned Cramer’s Fantastic Fineprint on the Art of Publishing: A talk with the editor-in-chief of ARCHITECT for Archinect Sessions #28

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