An Interview With Zhang Bin, Atelier Z+

26 May of 2015 by

“It’s really easy to build a building. From the very beginning to the realization; it’s very easy! You just give it an interesting form and you get approved. But the real issues are how to make it user-friendly and to enhance the quality of the life of the people trying to escape the influence of the “system”. That’s the challenge. In my experience […] I’ve learned that for architects, both Chinese and foreign, the use of form to create an object is easy but how to do the right thing is very challenging.”
– Zhang Bin, Shanghai, Sept 2013

Pier Alessio Rizzardi: Which experiences have defined you as an architect?
Zhang Bin: Teaching was a big part of the path that formed me as an architect. After I studied at Tongji University I became a professor and I taught for eight years. After this intense period I



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