Auneau Cultural Center / Architecture Patrick Mauger

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Architects: Architecture Patrick Mauger
Location: 29 Rue de la Résistance, 28700 Auneau, France
Area: 1670.0 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Michel Denance

Engineering Firms: Betom, DAL
Client: Auneau Town Council
Budget: 3,8 M€
Site Area: 1670 sqm

From the architect. Inspired by the nearby covered market, the project designed by the Patrick Mauger agency in Auneau takes the form of a contemporary hall. The building is set back from the street, creating an esplanade that extends the main market square. A friendly, diversified space combining cultural activities and community life has been created.

Like a figurehead, a multimedia library stretches out on the 1st floor. The glazed façade opens the building onto the square, with the reading room offering views over the town. The ground floor contains a reception area and a place for people to meet one another, as well as a space for young people and another for seniors. The first floor



Sandibe Okavango Safari Lodge / Nicholas Plewman Architects in Association with Michaelis Boyd Associates



1+1>2 completes cam thanh community center in hoi an city, vietnam

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