Austria Pavilion – Milan Expo 2015 / team.breathe.austria

11 May of 2015 by

Architects: team.breathe.austria
Location: Via Giorgio Stephenson, 107, 20157 Milano, Italy
Head Of Conception And Planning: Klaus K.
Year: 2015
Photographs: Daniele Madia, Courtesy of team.breathe.austria, terrain

Loenhart Terrain : architects and landscape architects BDA
Collaboration Partners: Agency in Biosphere – Markus Jeschaunig / Hohensinn Architektur ZT GmbH – Karlheinz Boiger / LANDLAB, i_a&l, TU-Graz – Andreas Goritschnig und Bernhard König / Lendlabor Graz – Anna Resch und Lisa Enzenhofer / Alexander Kellas / Engelsmann Peters Engineers – Stefan Peters / transsolar climate engineering – Wolfgang Kessling / BOKU Wien IBLB – Bernhard Scharf

From the architect. Air as food and a catalyst for urban practices
In response to the theme of this year’s Milan EXPO, “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, the Austrian contribution breathe.austria draws our attention to an essential nutrient and one of our most precious resources: air. As fundamental components of the biosphere, air, climate and the atmosphere unite all living creatures



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