BIG and Heatherwick’s Google HQ to be Built with Robots

05 May of 2015 by

Google’s proposed California headquarters will be built with robots, according to the most recent planning documents received by the City of Mountain View Council. As the Architects’ Journal reported first, the documents detail BIG and Heatherwick Studio‘s plan to construct the canopy-like structure’s interiors with a team of robotic-crane hybrids known as “crabots.”
These crabots would, in theory, establish a “‘hackable’ system for the building of the interior structures,” says the documents, that would allow for limitless, easy, and affordable reconfiguration of space throughout the building’s life.

Freely roaming beneath the headquarter’s translucent exterior, the crabots would work with an “integrated” system of steel columns and monocoque floor plates that would take shape as “pre-fabricated steel trays” of which could be lifted with the small interior cranes and customized.
“The monocoque system has been tested in each of the buildings of this submittal and has proved a flexible and resilient system to various degrees of ‘hacking’ and customizing,”



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