Chicago will indeed be the home of the Obama Presidential Center

12 May of 2015 by

It’s official: The Barack Obama Foundation announced today that the Barack Obama Presidential Center will be located on Chicago’s South Side, at a site near either Washington Park or Jackson Park. This confirms previous reports hinting at Chicago as the chosen city, winning over alternate proposals for New York City and Honolulu. The Obama family has strong ties to Chicago – it’s where Michelle Obama was born and raised, President Obama’s political career took off, and where the Presidential couple met, were married and raised a family.The University of Chicago, where President Obama was a law professor for twelve years, will serve as a close partner in the realization of the Presidential Center, providing resources and infrastructural support. Alongside the Presidential Library, the Center will also include a museum and facilities for the Obama Foundation’s operations. The Foundation will fund the construction of the Center, and is also planning to



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