Circulo Mercantil Industrial Sport Center / Manuel Quijano Vallejo

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Architects: Manuel Quijano Vallejo
Location: Avenida Presidente Adolfo Suarez, 3, 41011 Sevilla, Sevilla, Spain
Area: 2141.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Javier Orive

Technical Architect: Alejandro Pallares Manrique
Calculation Structure: Calconsa
Delineation: Rafael Maguillo Gago
Works Director: Manuel Quijano Vallejo
Execution Director: Alejandro Pallares Manrique
Project Management: Estudio GAAS. (Francisco Gamboa Antiñolo- Javier Gómez Ramallo)
Construction: UTE Circulo Mercantil Eiffage-Inabensa

From the architect. This Project is the outcome of many works, asked by Sevilla´s Circulo Mercantil Industrial, being carried out on its sports area.  These installations, which were inaugurated back to 1970, had hardly had any improvements through all these years. Therefore, the managing board agreed to scheme a plan to modernize this essential area within the club.

The project includes not only a new planning for the north parcel but also a multipurpose building construction. Previously, this north parcel was occupied by both a wasteland area and various unrelated and obsolete buildings which were located away from the river.



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