DEN-EN Office by AUAU

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Architects: AUAU
Location: Toyota, Aichi, Japan
Architect In Charge: Akitoshi Ukai
Area: 228 sqm
Year: 2012
Photographs: Masaya Yoshimura

Interior Design: Akitoshi Ukai
Landscape Design: Akitoshi Ukai
Structural Engineer: Masaichi Taguchi
Constructional Engineer: Watanabe Construction Company
Supervision: Akitoshi Ukai

From the architect.
Workers select their own place for working at a crossing point between concave and con-vexed channels on the ceiling and floor affected each other.

The arrangement of furnitures, accumulated information and conversation activate this point as a working space. This office has comprehensive working space including not only interiors but an outdoor environment rather than indoor rooms.

The following design elements are important at making the worker’s mind comfortable. Sensation of the sole contacted with floor, climbing-up, glance vista, going down, etc.

To realize a large room without partitions laminated lumbers were used as beams. The lumbers produced in Aichi were also utilized as exterior walls for the local supply and consumption as the nature friendly design.
A ventilation path in a sectional planning was




Humble House  KRIS YAO  Artech


Humble House by KRIS YAO | Artech

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