Detached Single Storey House Infused with Golden Rays of Light

05 April of 2014 by

House B is a detached single storey house infused with golden rays of light. Designed by ch+qs arquitectos in Berrocal, Segovia, Spain, the dwelling inspires warmth and serenity. The peaceful scenic meadow was bought 15 years ago and after 12 years of yellow contemplation, the owners decided to build a refuge, a place for the heart, that urges for contemplation and quiet time of reflection. A simple wooden structure, with two views, east and west, on this piece of heaven, seemed a pretty good idea. A visual poetry with accents of yellow. That’s what you call this place. Here, time stops for a while, to contemplate life itself: harvest, flowers, ash, lichens, brambles. A décor like no other.
Lay back and enjoy the spectacle of simple and pristine life. “This is a humanized landscape of meadows, walls, ash, streams, a small-scale landscape, minimal, almost domestic, and where absolutely everything has yellow accents.” The interior



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