Foster + Partners Win Planning for Yuexiu International Financial City in Wuhan

11 June of 2015 by

Foster + Partners has won planning permission to realize the new Yuexiu International Financial City in Wuhan. Sited near Jingwu Road, once famous for its street vendors, the 147,000 square-meter masterplan aims regenerate the city’s core by becoming a “walkable, highly permeable” new district that is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding context.
“Our aim has been to create a new urban model for Wuhan – a unique and exciting new destination, with a sustainable mixture of commercial and residential uses, but which feels familiar and of its place. Rather than create an enclosed ‘city within a city’, we have stitched this new quarter into the surrounding streets. It will have a distinctive new identity, but one that is inspired by local architecture, history and culture,” says Luke Fox, Senior Executive Partner, Studio Head of Foster + Partners.

With most of the vehicular traffic redirected below ground, the street level will be activated by a new network of pedestrian



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