Help Shigeru Ban Provide Emergency Shelter to Nepal

07 May of 2015 by

Shigeru Ban Architects, together with the Voluntary Architects’ Network (VAN), has announced plans to send emergency shelter, housing and other community facilitates to the victims of Nepal’s deadly April 25th earthquake. As part of a three-phase plan, Shigeru Ban will first delivery and assemble tents with plastic partitions acquired though donation to provide immediate shelter. A few months after, the Japanese practice will collaborate with local architects and students to build temporary housing with materials found prevalent in Nepal.
Permanent housing will also be provided in the architect-led recovery plan’s third phase, although little details have been released. However, you can help make it happen by donating to Shigeru Ban’s efforts (here).
Watch Shigeru Ban’s TED Talk on paper emergency structures, after the break. 

Ban first began to develop emergency structures in Rwanda in 1994, and shortly after in Kobe, Japan. He has since focused a large part of his work on developing affordable, lightweight and easily deployable materials that can be readily used



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