House with Four Courtyards / Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto

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Architects: Andrés Stebelski Arquitecto
Location: San Miguel Chapultepec, 11850 Mexico City, Federal District, Mexico
Project Area: 315.0 m2
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Onnis Luque

Structure: Mata/Triana Ingenieros
Building Services: RCL Instalaciones
Construction: Lucio Núñez
Landscape: Manuel Quintanilla

From the architect. Located in the heritage area of the old town of Tacubaya, this house aims to reinterpret the use of the courtyard in a contemporary manner. In the lot there was a very run down structure, which was demolished to build the new house.

A perimeter wall 6 meters high insulates the house from its environment, containing the space. This wall becomes a discreet facade towards the street that respects the height of the neighboring properties and the harmony of the street. On the ground, the house reads like a chessboard, alternating solid volumes and courtyards; but as the house is made of glass throughout, the space is conceived as one: the inside becomes the outside and vice versa.

The metal structure plays an



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