How the "Chinese Steve Jobs" is trying to build the ideal city

16 June of 2015 by

He has a vision of a future where his company makes a third of the world’s buildings – all modular, all steel, and all green.

“The biggest problem we face in the world right now isn’t terrorism or world war. It’s climate change,” he says.A fascinating profile of Zhang Yue, the man behind Mini Sky City, a 57-story tower built in 19 days. Yue’s company, the Broad Sustainable Group, was able to construct at such speeds by assembling prefab parts at the rate of 3-storeys a day. Now, Yue’s set his sights on on building the full-size Sky City – a 220-story tower where residents would live and work – in seven months. That height would make it taller than Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building.Watch a timelapse of the Mini Sky City building process below:



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