Jean Nouvel in NYMag profile: "I create a film in my head."

01 July of 2015 by

Lunch is an important ritual in his workday, a discussion lubricated by copious amounts of wine. Often, it’s the first time his staff gets to see him, since he spends mornings in solitude. “I wake up, perform my little ablutions, then get back into bed with my eye mask on and my earplugs in, and I work. I imagine. I visualize. I create a film in my head.”The Grand Monsieur of French architecture talks openly to New York magazine’s Justin Davidson about current projects — like the Louvre Abu Dhabi, National Museum of Qatar, National Art Museum of China, and the 53 West 53rd Street “MoMA Tower” in New York — as well as the immense frustration with his/not his Philharmonie de Paris (“he still despairs at all the corners cut, the mediocre workmanship, the design details that have been quashed, making the façade seem jittery and indistinct”).



paris approves herzog & de meuron’s 180-meter triangle tower



Replacement for London's Pinnacle skyscraper revealed by developers

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