MenoMenoPiu Proposes a Circular Form for the House of Hungarian Music

14 June of 2015 by

Envisioning the House of Hungarian Music as the new center of distribution within Liget Park, MenoMenoPiu Architects proposed a circular form for the concert hall, facilitating circulation to and from the museum and within the park. Although not the final winner of the Liget-Budapest Competition, “The Circle” demonstrates an interesting organizational strategy and perspective on sound.

As the only stand-alone building in the new museum complex of Liget Park, the new House of Hungarian Music will be a major attraction of the city park. With its construction, the axis of the park will be re-centralized to its position in 1813, from the 1956 Memorial Square to the Petofi Event Center. The shape of The Circle is meant to redistribute the internal circulation of the park, exemplifying the project’s central position to the park and facilitating movement between the new museum complex and existing services in Liget Park.

Attempting to respect



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