MVRDV’s Winy Maas On Architecture Education And His Early Work In Africa

22 May of 2015 by

Winy Maas is one of architecture’s most aggressive researchers. Through his office MVRDV and affiliations with universities in Europe and America, Maas produces a seemingly unstoppable stream of insights into the environments in which architects now operate. As an advisor to the educational program of the Strelka Institute in Moscow, the architect is currently contributing to the production of eleven radical visions of the future, based on extrapolating trends that shape contemporary life, in Russia and around the world. Maas recently sat with writer, curator, and Strelka faculty member Brendan McGetrick to discuss his unusual educational trajectory, learning from the conservationist Richard Leakey, facing death in Sudan, and the beauty of architects experimenting with algae.

Brendan McGetrick: Since we’re here at Strelka, I thought it would be interesting to have a conversation about education. We’ve talked on a few occasions about how to structure the studios here and I think I have a



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