Report Offers 10 Recommendations To Curb London’s Tall Building Boom

25 May of 2015 by

A report released last week aims to highlight the problems involved in high-density housing in London, offering 10 suggestions for how to create future developments that offer density while maintaining the UK capital’s distinctive character. Produced as a follow-up to their 2007 report entitled “Superdensity”, four UK housing specialists Pollard Thomas Edwards, HTA, Levitt Bernstein and PRP Architects have produced “Superdensity: The Sequel,” aiming to address the dramatic changes that have taken place in London development over the intervening 8 years.
Read on for more of the report’s aims and its 10 recommendations for future housing in London.

The report follows on from a wave of interest in London’s tall buildings, after a landmark 2014 study by New London Architecture (NLA) which revealed that the city was preparing for a major vertical boom, with 236 buildings over 20 stories in the pipeline (a figure that was recently revised upward to 263 in their 2015 follow-up). As a result of this study, The Architects’ Journal



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