Richter Dahl Rocha Develops Innovative Façade for SwissTech Convention Center

03 April of 2014 by

Richter Dahl Rocha & Associés’ ”ultramodern” SwissTech Convention Center opened its doors today. Housing a 3,000-seat modular amphitheater which can be converted from conference auditorium, to exhibition hall, to banquet room in only fifteen minutes, the convention center is the first large-scale convention hall to use EPFL‘s dye-sensitized solar cells (also known as Grätzel Cells). 
This latest addition to the campus’s northern quarter already contains a collection of commercial stores and over 500 housing units. Its construction puts the finishing touch too what has been described as a “living campus where students can now stay on campus both night and day.”

“The Congress Center, positioned like a ‘beveled stone’ at the campus’ northern gradually detaches from the ground while releasing a large glass surface facing south and north allowing natural light into the vast conference room. The latter can be subdivided into different configurations – from several small rooms up to a flat large room used for banquets and

Guggenheim to Launch Competition for Helsinki Site


Guggenheim to Launch Competition for Helsinki Site



Gravity tablet makes 3D drawing "as easy as doodling on a piece of paper"

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