School in Saint-Maurice / Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann

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Architects: Graeme Mann & Patricia Capua Mann
Location: Saint-Maurice, Switzerland
Area: 12000.0 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Yves André, Thomas Jantscher

Collaborators: Thomas Wegener , Jessica Guiliani, Alexandre Gobbini
Building Site : Regtec SA
Structural Engineering : Kurmann & Cretton SA
Facade: Arteco SA
Heating/ Ventilation/Sanitation : Tecnoservice SA
Lighting Engineer : Aebischer & Bovigny SA
Acoustic: Bruno Schroeter
Buildings Client : Cycle d’orientation association, Commune of Saint-Maurice

From the architect. The new school building is located in the proposed strategic place at the entrance to the city of Saint-Maurice and has the advantage of providing a new urban front to the Avenue des Terraux.

It clearly shows it belongs to the institutional, educational and sports place owing to the distance from the street and to the fact that the courtyard open to the south and the Dents-du-Midi.

Its U-shape takes all the surrounding school area into account and connects the several playgrounds to open green spaces and



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