04 May

Studio Zero85 recreates outlines of Tokyo market stalls inside Italian sushi bar


Diners at this sushi restaurant on the Italian coast sit inside house-shaped booths, based on …

15 May

Niji Architects uses steel components to build factory-like Boundary House


This house in Tokyo was constructed using an industrially manufactured steel framework and cladding, making …

04 May

Torafu Architects uses concrete, wood and gravel to define spaces inside AKQA's Tokyo offices


Multi-levelled surfaces of polished concrete, wood and white gravel mark out the different areas within …

03 May

A Hill On A House by Yuko Nagayama & Associates


Architects: Yuko Nagayama & Associates Location: Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan Area: 267 sqm Photographs: Daici Ano …

26 Apr

Kentaro Ataka completes tunnel-shaped apartment complex


the five-storey scheme, located in tokyo, features large and distinctive apertures cut into its angled …

07 Apr

apollo architects clads cave house in galvanized steel


the project is defined by a panoramic window that frames views across the neighborhood, taking …