TRD Heinemann by TYIN Tegnestue at Trondheim Airport

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Architects: TYIN Tegnestue
Location: Trondheim Airport, Værnes (TRD), Stjordal, Norway
Area: 62 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Pasi Aalto

Built By: Hanmo (welding), T¿mrer Stangvik (carpentry), T¿mrer Geir Wettland (carpentry), Interi¿rmont¿r Kostic (carpentry), Trondheim Elektro (electricity)
Products By: Norsk Spon (back-wall timber), Livos Naturmaling (furniture oil), Nordby Gulv (flooring), Sifa (laser cutting)
Helping Students: Hilde Nessa, Alice L¿demel Sandberg, Kristin Solhaug N¾ss, Sissel Westvig, Simen Andreas Aas, HŒvard Eide, Kornelie Solenes, Henriette Bakke Nielsen, Bendik St¿ckert, Jonas Velken Kverneland
Client: Gebr. Heinemann
Cost: 193,000 EUR

From the architect. Gerb. Heinemann SE & co is one of the worlds largest corporations in duty free retail. They have stores at most european airports with international traffic. A number of these stores include a regional area, wherein regional products can be presented in a specifically tailored atmosphere. In company with some of the most known architect offices of the world, TYIN was asked to design this regional area in the



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