Tres Picos Tower / LBR + A

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Architects: LBR + A
Location: Calle Arquimedes, Polanco, 11550 Mexico City, Mexico
Project Architect: Benjamín Romano
Design Team: Carlos Espinosa, Gerardo Galicia
Project Area: 3905.0 m2
Project Year: 2011
Photographs: Alfonso Merchand

Structural Design: Federico Alcaraz
Electrical: Raúl Uribe- UIASA
Plumbing: Francisco Garza- GMA
Construction: Antonella Morittu
Hvac: Sergio Armella- DYPRO
Special Services: Alfredo Evangelista- Honeywell
Robotic Parking: MP Systems
Client/Owner And Construction Company: Fondo Hexa, S.A. de C.V.

From the architect. The geometric complexity of the terrain, the views from the site, the large urban potential and the slender structure were the detonators of the architectural design: a free space delimited by two steel walls that support, contain and direct the views.

Careful interpretation and application of regulations allowed us to integrate in an area of 167.00 m2, more than 1,600.00 m2 of offices divided into 9 levels, room for 48 cars, and a common terrace on the top level.

Only two slender structural steel walls, along with slabs, support the gravitational and seismic loads



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