Wilkinson Eyre Architects to Bring New Life to King’s Cross Gasholders

08 May of 2015 by

London-based Wilkinson Eyre Architects have revealed plans for a major refurbishment of three ‘Siamese’ gasholders in King’s Cross. The development will see the historic structures restored and repurposed for multi-residential use, and create over 140 apartments. Dismantled in 2001 to allow construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, the Grade II-listed structures are currently undergoing refurbishment by Shepley Engineers in South Yorkshire, after which they will be relocated from their original site as part of a larger masterplan for King’s Cross.

Constructed in 1867 from the designs of John Clark, the trio of gasholders were initially erected at Goods Way, Kings Cross between 1879 and 1880. The 123-column cast iron structure is notable as the only co-joined gas holder ever developed in London. A remnant of the city’s industrial heritage, the gasholder triplet was designed to accommodate ‘telescoping’ gas storage bells, before falling into disuse with the relocation of heavy industry to city outskirts.

Wilkinson Eyre’s Gasholder proposal was



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