Will The +POOL Be The Largest Crowdfunded Civic Project Ever?

25 April of 2014 by

Historically, large city-changing projects have depended on the personal interests of a powerful individual: someone able to swim across both political and financial waters. But recently, projects like the High Line have shown the power and potential of projects envisioned and led by local communities.

Back in 2011 we visted our friends at CASE in their West Village office and they introduced us to a small firm across the hall: Family. While the team was working hard on a model in the middle of their large table, partner Dong-Ping Wong showed us some of their recent projects. One of them immediately caught our attention. A floating pool for Manhattan. In the form of a cross, it would sit in the East River, filtering its waters into four pools. This amazing — and seemingly crazy — idea was tantalizing.

In 2011 Family presented their vision for the Plus POOL (+POOL) using online publications and social networks to quickly attract the attention of thousands of people, not only in New York but around the

Denis Simonis entry for Euramax competition


The Stair-Scape Terrain Structure (A special place to exercise)



Inaugural Isamu Noguchi Awards Go To Norman Foster & Hiroshi Sugimoto

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