Wuxi Memsic Semiconductor Headquarter / UDG China

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Architects: UDG China
Location: Xishan, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
Architect In Charge: Qian Qiang, Li Xiaojian, Chi Xiaoyu
Area: 14,057.36 sqm
Photographs: Courtesy of UDG China

Developers: Memsic Semiconductor (WUXI) Co. Ltd.

From the architect. This is a complex building including office, research, development and manufacture. “Square” and “Round” elements are used in the design of figure and landscape composition, reflecting the ancient philosophy of yin-yang theory for the space.

The horizontal lines are emphasized on the facade, the eaves of plain concrete around each floor is 2.5m. This not only express a profound tranquility of traditional architecture, but also help avoid direct sunshine toward the interior, so that the research and development office space can have a soft indirect natural lighting.

High transparent glass curtain wall can make the vertical edge of the building vague and feel the horizontal extension of the eaves from the interior. The Building facade is aluminum curtain wall, using thermal

Villa/Gallery in Karuizawa by Makoto Yamaguchi Design


Villa/Gallery in Karuizawa by Makoto Yamaguchi Design

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